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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Evidence of Bigfoot?

From the WSJ Evening Wrap:
The world may be one hair away from finding out if the legendary Sasquatch really exists. On Monday, researchers at the University of Alberta began DNA testing on a clump of hair found in Teslin, Yukon. Two men said they saw what appeared to be a 9-foot-tall creature lumbering upright through their back yard early one morning, leaving behind a large footprint and some dark, brown hair. They are convinced they have seen a Sasquatch, a mythical, Yeti-like creature, also known as Bigfoot, that allegedly haunts the wilds of North America. University of Alberta wildlife geneticist David Coltman, who will be doing the testing, thinks the hikers saw a bison. But if the hair's DNA doesn't match that of a bison or any other known species, then it might be time to wonder. 'Well that would be kind of cool, wouldn't it?' he told CBC News. 'We might as well have a look-see.' Results are expected to be ready by the middle of the week."


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