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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Welcome to New Jersey

From the WSJ Evening Wrap:
As if travelers didn't already have enough reasons to be excited about venturing into New Jersey, drivers crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge into the Garden State will be greeted by a billboard reading, in red capital letters: "Welcome to New Jersey: A horrible place to do business." The billboard is the work of Mount Laurel-based developer William Juliano, embroiled in a long-running dispute with the state's Department of Environmental Protection. Mr. Juliano owns the billboard and says it is costing him about $10,000 a month not to rent the billboard to other advertisers. He said he also plans to add two more signs along the New Jersey Turnpike. The state warned it may consider legal action, though it's not certain what it could do, exactly. Meanwhile, state business leaders aren't exactly rushing to Mr. Juliano's defense. An official with the state Chamber of Commerce told the Associated Press, "I would question how many actual CEOs or businesspeople would drive by, see that and say, 'That's it, I'm not going to come to New Jersey.'"


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