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Monday, July 25, 2005

Grocery Executives Study Kosher Lifestyle

From KosherToday:
(Los Angeles) Supermarket executives have long associated customer lifestyle with the level of food buying. Orthodox Jews tend to have structured mealtimes throughout the week, but particularly on at least two meals on the Shabbat, a fact that grocery executives accounts for larger grocery baskets than average consumers. A growing number of supermarkets have in recent years made strong efforts to attract the Orthodox buyers who also have larger families.

In the general society, executives say, “Flexi-eating' is becoming more common as consumers base their mealtimes around their lifestyles rather than having structured mealtimes. Mealtimes are becoming more fragmented, informal and less important to consumers as other activities take priority. This trend has crept into the busy lifestyles of Orthodox Jews as well, but the weekly meals of the Shabbat has kept them distinctly apart from general consumers. One supermarket executive guessed that his Orthodox customers spend as much as 40% more than other consumers, “a good deal
of it tied to the Shabbat.”


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