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Monday, July 12, 2004

Kosher Wines Draw Notice Year-Round

New York (wwwkoshertoday.com) Kosher wines have come of age, and it's not only for Passover anymore. A recent CNBC feature noted: When it comes to Kosher wines, chances are you'll find them in "the Kosher section" of your wine store, as opposed to seeing them more integrated. For those who only drink Kosher wines this makes sense. But for others, it does little to suggest that the wines should be tried because they might be good and happen to be Kosher. One worth trying is Yarden's 2000 Merlot from the Golan Heights, which sells for about $22. It's big and attractive, full of dark berry fruit, chocolate and notes of orange zest. It was great with a chicken roasted with herbs. I am reminded of a series of advertisements in posters around New York some years ago for a company that made rye bread. "You don't have to be Jewish to Enjoy Levy's."

Meanwhile, Herzog Wine Rated 98 Points & 'Best of California' by California State Fair 2003 Herzog Late Harvest White Riesling has been voted "Best of California," "Best of Class North-Central Coast Appellations" and was awarded a 98 Point Rating and a Double Gold Medal by the oldest and most prestigious wine competition in North America, the California State Fair. In addition, 2003 Herzog Late Harvest Chenin Blanc was also awarded a "Best Of Class" designation and 2002 Baron Herzog Zinfandel was awarded a Gold Medal and a 95 Point rating in this same competition.


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