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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Brits in Search of Best ‘Away-From-Home’ Toilets

WINCHESTER, England, June 14, 2004 -- The search is on for Britain's best 'away from home' toilets, following the launch of the 2004 Loo of the Year Awards, promoted by The British Toilet Association.

Now in their eighteenth year, the Loo of the Year Awards have thirty six different categories, covering every type of location used by staff, members of the public or visitors - including offices, schools, hospitals, pubs, shops and, of course, public toilets provided by local authorities.

There are separate Awards for the best accessible and baby changing facilities, as well as attendants and cleaning staff, who qualify for the associated Attendant of the Year awards.

Anyone can nominate any number of 'away from home' loos - staff, customers, owners or visitors, via the Loo of the Year Awards nomination hotline (+44(0)1962 850277) by fax (+44(0)1962 870220) or on-line via the Awards website www.loo.co.uk, or e-mail: nominations@loo.co.uk.

Closing date for entries is Aug. 31. Results will be announced in early December. All entries receive an unannounced inspection visit and a subsequent one through five star grading, based on a wide range of judging criteria, including décor, cleanliness, functional equipment and overall management.

National Loo Awars site: http://www.loo.co.uk
Full brochure and 'State of the Loo' address: http://www.loo.co.uk/2003results.pdf


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