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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

From Pornography to ... Applesauce?

Civic-minded Americans interested in their federal branch of government may no longer stumble upon pornography when loading up whitehouse.com, though equally confusing content -- applesauce -- may replace it. (The correct address for the White House is whitehouse.gov.) After seven years of peddling porn to Web surfers with errant keystrokes, whitehouse.com purveyor Daniel Parisi is looking to sell his domain. The front page of his site today seems tailored more to consenting buyers than consenting adults, touting "WhiteHouse.com has been visited by over 85 Million people since our inception in 1997" and containing two of those white-on-red "As Seen on TV" labels. One prospective buyer, according to the Associated Press: National Fruit Product Co. of Winchester, Va., which makes White House applesauce and apple juice and had sued Mr. Parisi over an alleged trademark violation.

From the Wall Street Journal Afternoon Report


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