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Monday, January 26, 2004

First Mad Cow, Now Lox for UK Jews
London (www.kosheroday.com): Just when Britain’s 300,000 Jews thought that it was safe to switch to fish, came news that U.S. scientists have published research warning that farmed Scottish salmon, the source of the majority of British Jewry’s staple fish, contains high levels of potentially carcinogenic dioxins. The research, published in the respected journal Science, recommends that consumers avoid eating Scottish farmed salmon more than three times a year to reduce the potential cancer risk. British Jews are not taking this lying down, with many blaming the perceived scare to “politics.” If any warnings about farm-raised salmon do surface in the United States, added Rabbi Avrom Pollack, president of the Star-K kosher certification organization in Baltimore, alerts would apply to all fish with fins and scales, all fish considered kosher. The University of Indiana scientists behind the report claim that their work, which has the backing of a number of environmental groups, including Friends of the Earth, is the most comprehensive analysis to date of salmon toxin concentrations. Atlantic and organic salmon has seen a slight rise in sales since the research was published, but national and kosher sales of farmed fish have stayed steady after an initial small drop.

Who needs bioterrorism in the food supply when we do it to ourselves anyways?


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