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Thursday, April 21, 2005


Kutcher 'Punk'd' by Secret Service
After Ashton Kutcher turned the tables on the crew of his MTV celebrity prank show 'Punk'd' with the help of Britney Spears, he declared himself 'unpunkable.' That was before he ran into former senator and vice presidential candidate John Edwards.

While promoting his latest film, 'A Lot Like Love,' Kutcher reluctantly admits that he was indeed the butt of a practical joke during the 2004 presidential campaign, thanks to Edwards.

'Well, it was sort of a 'punk,' but it sort of wasn't because it was real,' he says at a small press conference at the Four Seasons hotel. 'I was campaigning in Minnesota and we were flying back to Iowa ... on his, like, Air Force One jet that they have with all the press in the back of the plane. John has his cushy area in front, and the Secret Service is there.'

After boarding the plane, Kutcher was approached by a Secret Service agent who asked if the grey bag being checked in on the tarmac belonged to him. When the 'That '70s Show' star confirmed it was, he became increasingly alarmed when the agent continued to question him, asking whether he carried a firearm and if he had planned to go hunting.

'Well, we're going to have to detonate your bag on the runway,' he was told.

Kutcher freaked. 'I was like, 'Are you kidding? Detonate it. I'm not trying to kill anyone, I promise. Detonate it. Do it. Please. I don't want it on the plane, either.'

At that point, the agent informed him, 'You just got 'Punk'd,'' to which Kutcher replied, 'That's not even fair. You're like actual Secret Service. You're not an actor. That doesn't count.'

Although a camera captured the incident, don't expect to see it on MTV anytime soon.
'I'm trying to confiscate the videotape,' he says."


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