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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Daylight Savings Time

Just Wake Up Earlier
Benjamin Franklin is often credited with creating the concept of Daylight Savings Time when he wrote a letter to the Journal of Paris. However, what is little known is that the article was humorous. He was really suggesting that people wake up and go to bed earlier- not a bi-annual changing of the clocks.

From his letter:
I went home, and to bed, three or four hours after midnight, with my head full of the subject. An accidental sudden noise waked me about six in the morning, when I was surprised to find my room filled with light; and I imagined at first, that a number of those lamps had been brought into it; but, rubbing my eyes, I perceived the light came in at the windows. I got up and looked out to see what might be the occasion of it, when I saw the sun just rising above the horizon, from whence he poured his rays plentifully into my chamber, my domestic having negligently omitted, the preceding evening, to close the shutters.


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