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Thursday, February 03, 2005

'Crazy' Bear No Longer for Sale?
Mental-health advocates said that Vermont Teddy Bear has agreed to stop selling its "Crazy for You" bear, which wears a straitjacket (embroidered with a red heart) and has commitment papers. The company told the Associated Press that mental-health advocates were being "a little bit inaccurate," but declined to comment further. The bear was no longer available on its Web site this afternoon.

State lawmakers, Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas, mental-health officials and private citizens had protested for weeks against the bear, which sold for $69.95. Company officials have met with mental-health advocates to discuss the bear and have been soliciting public commentary about it, but they recently had pledged to sell the bear through Valentine's Day. On its Web site, the company described the bear as "a great gift for someone you're crazy about." The bear's "commitment report" said: "Can't Eat, Can't Sleep, My Heart's Racing. Diagnosis -- Crazy for You!" "Trust us," the company said on the site. "She'll go nuts over this Bear!"

From the WSJ Evening Wrap


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