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Friday, December 31, 2004

Israeli gel helps clear rescuers' noses

A Tel Aviv-based company is participating in the tsunami disaster relief efforts in Asia by protecting aid workers' noses.

Patus said Thursday it has donated thousands of its OdorScreen products to counter the crippling odors on-scene. OdorScreen, designed at the Weizmann Institute of Science, is an "olfactory perception-altering gel compound" applied under the nose, and works by modifying smells to the user for up to two hours.

The FDA-cleared gel-like substance also contains special calming fragrances, including a vanilla aroma for reducing tension in stressful environments.

"Every current report from the devastated areas emphasizes the awful problem of the aftermath's smell as a major obstacle to conducting rescue and recovery operations," said Patus CEO Guy Hirsch. "OdorScreen will be made available by the Foreign Ministry delegations to national and international agencies engaged in relief operations."

"If Patus and OdorScreen can reduce the psychological toll on workers, we feel that we will have done our part," said Hirsch
Here is how it works


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