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Thursday, August 12, 2004

I Read It for the Articles
Did Google goof by letting its co-founders sit down for an interview with Playboy? The Securities and Exchange Commission has examined the interview, conducted in April, to see if Google violated the "quiet period" mandated around initial public offerings, but reportedly has yet to decide whether any action against the much-hyped search engine is warranted. The heart of quiet-period rules is a requirement that all written communications about a stock offering be included in documents related to that offering, which tends to make companies clam up. Late today, Google said its unconventional IPO auction will begin tomorrow, with the IPO price to be determined next week. Playboy's September issue hits the street tomorrow; if nothing else, Playboy-toting investors and SEC investigators can truthfully say they're reading it for the articles.

From the WSJ Afternoon Report


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